Multidisciplinary Treatment of Pathologic Obesity

Pathological Obesity takes into account many aspects of the life of the patient affected by it : physical disability, social desease, aesthetics, working activity…and much more. Bariatric Surgery aims to give back the patient a normal life in the most common meaning of the word, going to solve even the comorbidities related to obesity : diabetes, hypertension, arthropathy, dyslpidemia and so on. The patient will then be able to continue to carry out the normal activities that were prevented him in his uncomfortabe condition, bringing him to a new life in some cases. The surgical treatment is performed with a minimally-invasive approach, using 3D last generation technology. The surgical procedure is not the same to every patient : the choice is based on a careful preoperative evaluation which considers the psychological condition, eating habits, and deseases of the digestive system possibly present. This is why we work in Team in our Center, with highest level professionals to guarantee the patient a surgical procedure suitable to his conditions. In addition to our Surgeon, the following professionals play a basical role: anesthetist, nutritionist, endoscopist, sonographer, pilmonologist, endocrinologist and dedicated to bariatric surgery. In the case of patients who don’t need a surgical treatment, we recommend some very low invasive methods, such as the positioning of the innovative intragastric balloon (ELIPSE) which only requires the ingestion of the device.


Dr.Maddaluno Antonella

Extensive experience in anesthesiological management of the patient suffering from pathological obesity at the center of excellence of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery of the I.C.O.T. hospital in Latina


Dr.Chirilli Silvia

Degree in Psychology of the Developmental Age at Sapienza University of Rome, specialized in Psychotherapy with Analytical- Transitional address.


Dr.Mandolini Claudia

Degree with honors on applied cell biology with a score of 110/110 at the Sapienza University of Rome, enrolled in the National Order of Biologists n.AA_074989


Dr.Borghini Raffaele

Degree in Medicine at “Sapienza” University of Rome, Consultant in Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy (score 70/70 with honors), Membership of the National Medicine Board of Rome n° 59135

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